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Movies Featuring Toyota Land Cruisers

This doesn't mean they're all worth watching!  Notice the IMDB rating provided (score/10).  Links take you to more movie details. Click here for the newest addition.

Air America Mel Gibson - In the beginning a plane crashes and an FJ45 fire truck responds. (5.3/10) 
All the Right Moves - starring Tom Cruise in which the football coach had a very nice tan 40. (5.8/10) 
Congo(1995) An FJ80 in the beginning carries scientists into the African jungle. (4.3/10) 
Cool Runnings the Jamaican bobsled team runs into a 70 series in their "bobsled on wheels". (6.3/10) 
Crocodile Dundee II Australian outback expert protects his New York love from gangsters who've followed her down under. Lots of 40 series shots (5.0/10) 
Dante's Peak (Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton): Linda Hamilton drives a nice blue FJ60 throughout the film; during the evacuation scene, there are two separate shots of a nice green FJ40 with a hardtop. (5.7/10) 
Dark of the Sun is about an adventurer hired to retrive 25 million in diamonds who drives a late 60's looking 40. It includes a good chase scene where the guy does about 35-40 mph through some pretty nasty rocks. (5.6/10) 
Days of Thunder (Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, and more importantly, Nichole Kidman) barely noticeable in driveway of the ace mechanics house. There is also a straight-on shot with Cruise and Kidman driving toward the camera. (5.2/10) 
Driven to Kill - The nice white  FJ40 with bull bar and no top is apparently the only interesting thing about this movie. (no IMDB rating)
Drivers Education Movie - one features an FJ 55 across the street from your simulation vehicle. (no IMDB rating)
Incredible Melting Man (1977) An astronaut is transformed into a murderous gelatinous mass after returning from an ill-fated space voyage. Frequently on MST3K. (3.0/10) 
It Came from Outer Space II The main character drove a nice tan FJ-40 throughout. (4.5/10) 
Lost Boys (Keifer Sutherland) Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. Cruise with Mom in an FJ55.  It's fun to be a vampire. (6.7/10) 
Mad Max Mel Gibson in the dystopic future Australia. In the beginning there is a very nice FJ45 pickup with a huge bullbar. (6.8/10) 
Malone(1987) with Burt Reynolds and a olive green open TLC 40. (5.2/10) 
Miracles new1.gif (116 bytes) Christopher Lloyd parachutes to the ground and nearly lands on the local police and their white FJ55 (1986) (5.6/10)
Nairobi Affair Charlton Heston tells John Savage "That's one tough truck" (an FJ45 pickup). (no IMDB rating)
Night of the Comet An evil scientist is attacked by zombies in a FJ55. The good guys sabotage the TLC and it blows up saving what's left of the world. (5.9/10 - overrated?) 
Pink Cadillac (Clint Eastwood) A stock red FJ-40 turns over in a chase near the end. (4.8/10) 
Revenge(1990) Of the nine movies with this title, this one features Kevin Costner and gets good reviews on IMDB. (5.3/10) 
Sleeping Dogs (1977 version?) - In a revolutionary struggle between guerillas and right-wingers in New Zealand, all the bad guys drive light blue FJ40's. (4.6/10) 
RazorbackAnother Australian "B" movie about some mutant wild boar that looked like a rhino, and the entire cast drives FJ40 & 45's in various states of disarray.. some decent off roading scenes, and one or two cheesy special effects involving rolling FJ45's. (4.5/10) 
Romancing the Stone (1984, Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito). The bad guys are driving a camaflage-painted FJ-25 (a '58 or '59?) as they chase the stars of the movie across the Columbian countryside.  Other pursuing vehicles include a couple of Jeep CJs, but it's the Cruiser that actually makes it through the entire chase. (6.8/10) 
Run Lola Run- This German film is actually a good movie, featuring both a faded red FJ40 and a Unimog Fire Truck.  Because the plot is based on the same events replayed under a shuffling of changed circumstances, you get to see these trucks several times.  Subtitled. (8.6/10) 
This is Elvis - This may be a Showtime original, but features Elvis (not an imposter) in a red FJ40 in Hawaii.  It's approximately 1:15 (?) into the movie just after his karate is featured. (6.5/10) 
U-Turn  Starts out with a shot of a red fj40 on the side of the street. A drifter (Penn) becomes entangled with a femme fatale (Lopez) and her husband (Nolte) after his car breaks down in their small Southwest town. Graphic and not for kids. (6.5/10) 
Wayne's World II towards the end. When all the cars are cueing up to go to the big show.....There a quick flash of a lifted white FJ40 - topless. (5.5/10) 
Young Warriors a really bad movie about a Malibu High vigilantes taking out heavy criminals around town. They run around in a yellow FJ40. (Ernest Borgnine). (3/10)

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