Mt. Storm Lake, West Virginia
Diver Training Area/Boat Launch

This information is provided solely as a resource in dive planning and should not be considered a substitute for the normal planning and precautionary procedures undertaken by a qualified dive leader.  The information is subject to change and should be verified before every trip to this site.  We strongly encourage you to contact Breathe Deep SCUBA at 304-693-7282 (WV store) or  301-334-0672 (Deep Creek, MD store) to confirm diving conditions and emergency services.

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Training Area Location

Latitude: 39 12' 40"
Longitude: 79 15' 30"
NE Corner of Mt. Storm Lake
1.5 miles West of Bismarck, WV on WV Rt 93
200 ft East of Dam breast
50 ft West of Public Access Boat Launch (keep away from the boat launch!)
USGS Quadrangle: Mt. Storm Lake, WV (7.5')

Mt. Storm Lake Information

Lake Built: 1962
Altitude: 3244 ft
Maximum Depth: 128 (depth will rise 3 ft in Summer 1997)
Distance from Washington Beltway: 145 miles

Directions from Winchester, VA:

Local Dive Shop Information

Breathe Deep SCUBA at Mt. Storm Lake - Denny Savage

(.2 miles East of Dive Training Area)

Deep Creek Lake, MD store: 301-387-8035

Residence: 301-334-0672

Power Plant Information



Emergency Information (No 911 Service!)

Dive Trip Emergency Preparation

 You should be prepared with the following emergency equipment:

Managing an Emergency

Dive Site Information

Mt. Storm Bearing Buddy (an easy-to-use matrix)

Platform 1 25 ft 210 degrees
Platform 2 27 ft 216 degrees
Deep point 128 ft 216 degrees
Lone pine tree 30 ft 252 degrees
Pine tree group 20 ft 300 degrees
Quarry equipment 100 ft 178 degrees


Mt. Storm Diver Training Area Dive Site Map
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For More Information

Please contact Jim Egenrieder ( or 703-527-3643)

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