Chronology of Events Along Pimmit Run
-provided by Pimmit Run Research

1608 Captain John Smith ascended the Potomac River "as high as the falls" (Little Falls).

1651 First land grant was issued in what is now Fairfax County (to Robert Turney).

1675 John Pimmit was overseer for William Fitzhugh.

1679 John Pimmit (probably a French national) was naturalized.

1688/89 John Pimmit died by drowning. He was survived by three totally naked children.

1690 Northern Neck land grant procedures were formalized and land books opened.

1692 Sampson Darrell purchased John Pimmit's stock at Stafford county court sale.

1715-1732 Northern Neck land grants were issued along Pimmit Run.

1742 Fairfax county was established. Charles Broadwater Jr. was named sheriff. The Falls tobacco warehouse was established at the mouth of Pimmit Run. Text of  historical marker at Mouth of Pimmit Run.

1760 Attorney Benjamin Sebastian built his home "Montpelier" along Pimmit Run.

1783 Methodist preacher William Watters built a home downstream on Pimmit Run.

1784 General George Washington lunched at Sampson Trammell's (probably on Great Falls Street at Pimmit Run) on September 1.

1785 General George Washington lodged with Lewis Hipkins at the Falls Warehouse on Sept 22.

1785 Samuel Adams Jr. built a grist mill on Pimmit Run at present-day Pimmit Run Park.

1790 Lewis Hipkins built a grist mill at the mouth of Pimmit Run.

1791 The District of Columbia was established. It included what is now Arlington county and encompassed an area at the mouth of Pimmit Run

1794 Lewis Hipkins died of hydrophobia on July 27, having been bitten by a rabid dog on June 4.

1797 A bridge was built over the Potomac River at the mouth of Pimmit Run. (Chain Bridge site)

1806 Samuel Adams Jr. built a second grist mill at the junction of Pimmit and Little Pimmit Runs but died on August 7 at age 50.

1814 State Department papers were hidden in an unoccupied grist mill at the mouth of Pimmit Run on August 23 when the British army was approaching Washington.

1823 Hannah Adams, widow of miller Samuel, died.

1825 William Nelson bought Adams upper mill and operated it until 1854.

1826 Henry Clay and John Randolph dueled just above the mouth of Pimmit Run. Neither was injured.

1831 Charles Kirby bought 176 acres of the Darrell patent from George Darne.

1842 William Nelson bought Adams lower mill.

1847 Jurisdiction over the part of DC west of the Potomac River was returned to Virginia.

1852 Yankee Francis Crocker bought land north of Pimmit Run which included Prout's sawmill.

1852 to 1854  William Stalcup committed suicide.

1854 William Nelson died. His 528 acres of land and ten slaves passed to his six children.

1858 Eliza Stalcup, William's widow, bought 28 acres of land at what is now Chesterbrook for $400.

1861 Nelson's upper mill was destroyed in the War. Francis Crocker was killed by a CSA soldier. Barnett Stewart's brother-in-law James Jackson killed Union officer Ellsworth in Alexandria. A Union army picket line was established along Great Falls Street. The local people faced divided allegiances.

1881 Charles Kirby died after giving 50 acres of land to each of eight children.

1890 The Metropolitan Western Railroad was chartered by VA to construct a line from the Potomac River across Fairfax county. The sponsors chose the valley of Pimmit Run for the route but were unable to finance construction and the charter expired on March 1, 1899.

1928 Randolph Leigh bought 58 acres above the junction of Pimmit and Little Pimmit Runs.

1953 Author Randolph Leigh killed his wife and himself.