Relevant Instructor Biography:


Jim Egenrieder is an ACA-certified whitewater kayaking instructor and has been an avid kayaker since the late 1980's.  Jim is also a NAUI SCUBA Instructor and TDI/IANTD technical diving instructor.  He began Adventure Sports of Arlington as a part of Deepwater Communications and Diving Sports to offer adventure instruction, first aid and CPR instruction, and pet first aid and CPR for school teachers, non-profit groups, kids and other individuals on a not-for-profit basis.  He volunteers as an instructor for local organizations, is responsible for maintaining many local hiking trails, and works as a diver for the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

After more than a decade working on national and state-level environmental and agricultural policy, Jim became a high school biology and animal science teacher in Arlington County, Virginia.  His orientation as a naturalist plays a large role in all of his instructional programs.  A trip on the Potomac River extends beyond paddling and safety to include geology, biology and the unique hydrogeology of the river and surrounding park land.  He recently received a grant from the National Education Association to develop teacher curricula on the nearby Potomac Gorge to help teachers introduce students, particularly underserved students, to the river's resources.  Jim is also currently working with local and regional organizations and Virginia Tech University to develop a model urban aquaculture program in Arlington County Schools featuring fish species indigenous to the Potomac.

Jim holds a Bachelors degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Penn State, a Masters of Education from Virginia Tech, and hopes to complete his doctorate in Education leadership before Hell freezes over.


Jim is married to Diane Allemang.  They live in Arlington with two German Shorthaired Pointers (Dunkel and Spaten) and a really old cat named LeRoi.